THE CONFECTIONIST: Unforgettable at Delmonico's

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unforgettable at Delmonico's

My grandfather's favorite dessert is a Baked Alaska. Knowing that made planning out my day, with my grandparents, much easier...
A few days ago, I remembered reading that Delmonico's was the place to go for a Baked Alaska. Delmonico's is no ordinary restaurant. Given its history of housing the elite high rollers and only the most fabulous people (including my great grandmother), I knew going to it would be an event. Well, it was more than that. Walking through the big doors, my eyes widened. It was like walking into a dream. Walking to our table in the bar, I couldn't help but look around at the beautiful portraits, classy tables, gold chandeliers and well-dressed men and women laughing as they wait for their food. Since we were only there for dessert, we were seated in the bar area. I was okay with long as our baked alaska exceeded my expectations.
As we waited for our fine delicacy, I watched the men in suits and business attire order drinks while standing around the bar. It was right out of an old movie. I saw our waiter bringing a plate towards us. There it was— our beautiful meringue and banana ice cream combination. It was love at first sight and love at first bite. Seriously it looked like a beautiful piece of art and the taste was seriously good. The banana gelato and the walnut cake were rich and sweet, but not to the extreme. It was just right. What a way to celebrate this fine dessert—in good company at Delmonico's.

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