Wednesday, June 23, 2010


my buds scream for this ice cream...

"Going out" for me, in the big city, means eating out. So a couple of weeks ago, I went out with two of my good friends. After eating a lovely Italian meal, they were craving a nice piece of cake. I had my heart said on ice cream...typical. Walking around for about twenty minutes we stumbled upon a bakery, where they indulged in marvelous yellow cake with pink frosting. Yes, I had a bite. After finishing that piece of cake I grabbed a business card (so I wouldn't forget the name of the bakery) and we continued to walk around. Well, it didn't take long before I set my eyes on an ice cream store called Cones. With a line out the door, I knew their frozen dessert had to be good. We waited and a few minutes later, I ordered a cup of coffee chocolate chip ice cream. The coffee flavor was very precise and the texture was like a balance between gelato and ice cream. The chocolate specks added a nice touch to the fine flavor. I am not lying or exaggerating when I say this—it was the BEST ice cream I have ever had in the United States. This is saying a lot, considering there are thousands of ice cream stores and brands. You may not call me an "expert," but I have had my fair share of ice cream—enough to tell you that next time you visit New York, you MUST go to the West Village for a cone. I've already been back twice since my first visit.

During my last ice cream run, I learned that the owners are Argentinean. When the "apprentice" pointed out the owner/inventor of this amazing ice cream, I immediately ran up to him and poured out my compliments. He modestly said, "Thank you" and went back to the giant mixer.

Cones $$$ (cash only)
272 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10014
(212) 414-1795
Open Mon-Thu,Sun 1pm-11pm; Fri-Sat 1pm-1am

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