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Saturday, June 12, 2010

j'adore paris

Patisseries and boulangeries on every street ('rue' would be more appropriate) sounds like an ideal world. Welcome to Paris. My favorite breakfast treat when I was in Paris was a pain au chocolat— a chocolate croissant, with the perfect balance of butter, flour and chocolate...better than you can ever imagine. I wasn't my typical mess when eating this treat because the croissant wasn't too flaky (like the ones that fall apart in your hands or the ones that are too soft it's like eating a stick of butter...aka the poor attempts of Americans to recreate the French pastry). If there are laws for crossing the street, there needs to be a law for bakeries in America. It seems like quality of ingredients is top priority in Paris— at least in the pastry shops and bakeries. I propose a change in the government. There should be a committee of special tasters, which would include the best chefs from every country and a few obsessive foodies to go around to American eateries (just to be sure they are providing us citizens with the best food). Can you imagine waking up every morning knowing that in twenty minutes you will be eating a beautiful perfectly-baked, pain au chocolat? (sigh) If only.

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