Monday, October 5, 2009


this is my letter in memory of Gourmet Magazine, which after years of beautiful publishing is closing

Dear Gourmet,

You are probably unaware of my existence, but I am quite aware of your place in this world. Your words woo me with every page I turn. Your pictures captivate me and my sensory glands like no other. Your presence in my life has made me a better person through and through. I must humble myself in your honor, for your culinary expertise is far better than any other epicurean read I know of. You gave me passion, you gave me hope, you gave me irreplaceable advice. I am lucky to have known you. You were the highlight of my month. As I turned your pages I'd get lost in a world of sweet and savory delights— a seemingly fantastical world that you made real.
Ruth Reichl took good care of you. I am sorry that it's not in her power to keep you in our magazine racks and on our coffee tables. I believe that if it were her choice, she'd keep you around for years to come. I thank Ruth for her eloquent style and impeccable taste, and for displaying her manner in your name. Gourmet, I cannot express my longing to have a little more time with you. I hope to make you proud one day.

Au revoir Gourmet.


the confectionist