Friday, April 24, 2009

Too Good Not To Eat

I guess you can say I was in a baking mood this week. Last night I attempted to make, David Lebovitz's chouquettes, which are French, bread(y), cookie-like pastries. Adding cinnamon and sugar to the glaze made these light airy pastries even more delicious than my taste buds had hoped. When it comes to dessert, I have no self-discipline. Therefore my refrigerator stocks only fruit, vegetables, soymilk, water, dark chocolate, and plain yogurt. When I bake, my lack of control becomes an issue; if I keep a pile of cookies on my counter I always overindulge. 
This is one good reason for having an admirable suitor in your life, as I do. I knew that if I made chouquettes, he would be more than willing to take a plate-full (piled high) of these delicacies. When I called Vitali this afternoon, to be sure to set two aside for a couple we are going out with tomorrow, his gleeful response was "too late, I ate them all." At least now you should be convinced that Lebovitz's chouquette recipe is worth trying. But if your cookie jar seems inexplicably low, send me a message and I'll talk to my cookie monster. 

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