Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Scream For...GELATO

It's pretty warm in Texas and being that it's still Passover, I've  been craving chocolate ice cream— gelato. Dad and I went to Italy, on a "father-daughter" trip, and I can proudly say that we ate our way through the fabulous country. We were on a tour and from time to time we'd ditch the group to do a little exploring of our own. On our own time, we got a taste for the real Italy. Among all the beautiful churches and ancient ruins is a country filled with the most delectable food. In every city from Orvietto to Rome every corner you turn down lies a quaint gelato shop. After my first spoonful of bacio (chocolate with hazelnut) gelato I fell deeper in love with Italy. The rich nutty and cocoa flavors combined with the cool and creamy texture created a symphony in my mouth. Dad and I would eat gelato at least three times a day, but I could've eaten a lot more. In Venezia gelato tubs, are adorned with unique masks and decorations beautifying the frozen dessert. You know you're in an exquisite place, when even the ice cream shops are sparkling. 
If you get the chance to travel to Italy, forget dieting. Be sure to stop in every gelateria to see it's uniqueness and if you can't resist, try every flavor there is. 
Buon Appetito!

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