THE CONFECTIONIST: If You Give a Mouse A Cookie...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If You Give a Mouse A Cookie...

I was told that the "Oreo of Argentina" is called an alfahor. The only similarities between these American and South American delights, are the sandwich-like form and the popularity. I tried my first one in Cordoba, after a long day of painting a kindergarten. 
We were given an hour-break before night activities, so Erin and I decided to explore the area. The city is unlike anywhere I have ever been- with shops practically on top of each other and intricate details on the buildings. We trotted along, with backpacks on our backs- making us tourists very distinct. We had no shame in stopping and admiring the uniqueness of hardware specialty stores; and meat hanging all around tiny grocery stores. We saw little kiosks with chocolate, cigarettes (of course), snacks, and all different types of alfahors. I wasn't sure what the most popular brand was at the time, but there was one package that stood out to me. It was transparent. I could see the brownish coloring of the alfahor and the dulce de leche oozing out of the sides. It looked home-made, gourmet- I had to try it. I bought two, one for me and one for Erin. 
I carefully unwrapped mine, it was like holding a piece of glass- light and delicate. Afraid of shattering the cookie-like delicacy I put it to my mouth. Unaware of its life-changing ability, I took a bite. The alfahor had a soft texture. As I slowly chewed, the flavors began to excite my taste buds. Sweet. Light. It tasted like the sugarplum fairy from the Nutcracker ballet. Oreo's are undeniably, crunchy, chocolate(y) and delicious. But alfahors, are capable of satisfying me and my salivary glands in ways even a Nutcracker couldn't imagine. Do yourself a favor and try one of these treats. 


  1. hahaha go rach!!!



  2. Your description of alfahors gives god's gift to humanity justice, it is sophisticated, accurate and appealing to the senses. If only your words were edible.