THE CONFECTIONIST: the BEST cake in the city

Saturday, July 24, 2010

the BEST cake in the city

As a patron of the arts (particularly the culinary arts) I know that NEW YORK is the place to be. I've heard about many great bakeries here in the city, and tried a few of them out. Initially Magnolia was my favorite bakery...not anymore folks. Two Little Red Hens is a quaint locals-only bakery situated in the upper 80s. You could easily miss the tiny shop if it wasn't your final destination. Thursday, Two Little Red Hens was my only destination. The adorable plaid awning reeled me in like a fish hooked to its bait. The shop smelled sweet, but the aromas were not too strong. The cakes were lined up perfectly behind the counter with spectacular ornate decor. I looked around and saw another case full of pies and other fabulous desserts. When my eyes locked with the cupcakes, I thought no glass shall come between us. I asked the lovely man behind the counter for two mini cupcakes, red velvet and a yellow-cake with chocolate-fudge frosting. After paying and a brief conversation with the man, I sat down to stare at my cupcakes. They were perfectly frosted, with fine ridges that made the cupcakes seem unreal. With each bite, my heart beat grew stronger and stronger (well maybe not, but when I remember the moment that is how I picture it). The cake was perfectly moist with the most delectable smooth icing. I couldn't choose between the red-velvet and the yellow, so I got both. I still cannot decide which I enjoyed more, they were each incredibly flavorful—I guess that means I need to go back.
If you make it to New York City, you MUST stop by this fine bakery.


  1. awwww I love it! I vote we go back when (note: not if) you visit NY in the fall/winter!

  2. I swear we went to every bakery in the city last summer, but we didn't visit Two Little Red Hens. I'd really like a cupcake right about now!