THE CONFECTIONIST: Paper Hearts and a Box of Chocolate

Monday, February 8, 2010

Paper Hearts and a Box of Chocolate

Ah, I love this time of year. Everywhere I go, I'm reminded of Valentine's Day with chocolates stocked everywhere from coffee shops to convenient stores. Red and pink hearts are pasted on storefront windows and all I think is...does this day need to come? I know that when the clock strikes 12:00am on Febuary 15th, everything will change. Why can't every day be like the 28 days leading up to this occasion? I truly believe that days filled with paper hearts and a life full of chocolates would make for a better world...after all who doesn't like being tempted with assorted truffles?

I am absolutely dreading February 15th—not because I have a French exam—because the selection of chocolates will be minimal, the romantic jewelry commercials be gone and cut-out-hearts will be found only in kindergarten classrooms. Let's not forget that the only thing left in our red cardboard boxes will be a few chocolate caramel truffles (I save the best for last) surrounded by empty metallic candy wrappers .

Mark my words...If I own a restaurant or bakery one day, I won't mess with peoples emotions like this—A warm atmosphere, musique d'amour, heart-shaped linzer torte cookies and fantastic chocolate truffles are only a few of the temptations that will seduce my customers into returning for another spectacular culinary affair.

If you don't have a "valentine" this year, go buy yourself a box of chocolate. And if you do, remember that no one is making you share.


  1. I watched the movie chocolate two nights ago. It was good but did not have enough chocolate making scenes.

  2. Hi! I am going to blow my generic "M" cover and announce that this is your cousin, Michal (Levine) Millrod. My grandfather forwarded me the link to your blog which i am enjoying :)

    I cant help but notice though that there is a significant omission in the list of blogs that you enjoy. Is it possible that you havent yet come across ? It is one of my absolute favorites. You MUST check it out.