THE CONFECTIONIST: Crossing Lines between Coffee & Tea

Monday, January 11, 2010

Crossing Lines between Coffee & Tea

I’m a devout coffee drinker—it’s genetic. My beautiful family wears their loyalty on their teeth, with coffee’s powerful staining ability visible at just an inch of a smile. Avec le diner ou le dessert…café au lait, espresso, petit, grandé—you get the point.

For most coffee lovers, coffee ice cream is like a dream come true. With every bite taste buds become energized and a smile peels away revealing those not-so-white teeth. I am definitely not a moderate when it comes to loving both coffee and tea, but I can appreciate the divine taste of Green tea.

It wasn’t until recently that I tried Green tea ice cream at Vitali’s favorite Japanese restaurant when we were on a double date with his brother. Although sushi-loving Vitali enjoys the sweet wonders of cookies n’ cream ice cream, he cringes at the sight of Phillip’s favorite frozen delicacy—green tea ice cream.

I absolutely detest those preserved “cherries” that ice cream parlors top off a sundae with—so I was quite hesitant when I saw how the ice cream was served. The wasabi-colored scoop threw me off a bit, but Phillip insisted I try it. I slid my utensil through the striking green concoction, pulled out a spoonful and looked at it one last time before setting it in my mouth. Fireworks went off inside, with strong green tea flavors permeating through every inch of my mouth. The natural taste made for a surreal experience with sandy textures working in tandem with a strong earthy taste to taunt my tongue. I wanted more…but I feigned the will share.

You don’t have to be a tea connoisseur to appreciate this wonderful Japanese frozen delight, but it may bring you to the "I Love Tea" borderline.

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  1. this looks so good considering I am a green tea addict!! I am going to have to try this green tea ice cream!