Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Appreciate Today

As you are all aware, the people of Haiti are currently suffering more than you can possibly imagine. No home, no food, no water...
I'd like to think that I am always grateful for a delectable dessert because it is truly a luxury. Imagine if you're the type of person who has a piece of chocolate everyday or never has a meal without a sweet delicacy at the end. Now think about the Haitians. Take a minute today to be grateful for what you have, for what you get to enjoy. If you were planning on buying dessert today, instead use that money to donate to Haitians who are struggling for simple necessities—like food (something most of us take for granted).
There is a link on the side of this blog that will connect you to FEED Projects (an organization that uses money from FEED Bags-these may look familiar-to feed starving children allover the world where food is inaccessible). The FEED Projects is currently donating the money from these bags to Haiti, for their Feed Haiti Campaign. You can also donate directly to their Campaign if you choose. If food is close to your heart, give back today...
I used to say, "the little things in life make me happy." People that know me, agree. But today I realized, nothing is "little." These things— like: the sense of relief with a soft tissue (after a day of an unbearable runny nose), a cool pillow, or a scoop of ice cream—that yield a smile and comforting sigh, make me happy. But they are only a dream to many people around the world— and that makes them so much greater. So from this day forward I am grateful, not "for the little things in life" but for all good things in life.

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