Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last night I went out with my significant other and his family to my favorite restaurant, Asti. The bread, appetizers, and entrees were incredible as usual. I'll skip to dessert since I don't want to run out of space writing every detail of each fantastic course. 
We ordered Affugato with Warm Beignets (my usual), Raspberry Sorbetto & Summer Berries, and a Lemon Semifreddo. I started off with the Warm Beignets, for I knew they'd be "out of reach" (or resting in the stomachs of Vitali's family) if I waited longer than two minutes. I snatched one of the puffy cinnamon sugar delicacies, dipped it in the rich combination of Vanilla Bean Gelato and warm espresso. At first bite, the flavors were intoxicating with soft textures complementing the warm donut shaped pastry. Prior to this meal, I did not think there were any other desserts that could come close to the superiority of the affugato
Taking my spoon and scooping out a sliver of the raspberry sorbetto changed everything. The smooth frozen treat had a strong raspberry flavor. Perfection is the only way to describe the fresh sorbet, not too sweet, nor too tart. It was just right. Never in my life have I tasted a better sorbet than this one. To top it off, the scoop bathed in a shallow bowl of Prosecco. This splash of pizazz added elegance and delight to my new beloved dessert. 
The final dessert, I tasted was a (half-eaten by you know who) lemon semifreddo. In Italian "semifreddo" means semi cold or half cold. Now imagine, if you haven't already indulged in a dessert of this kind, a cold custard-like lemony dessert. The texture was creamy and smooth like gelato and the flavors of  sweet fresh lemons taunted my salivary glands; and left them begging for more. The presentation was fabulous, with drizzled sauces enhancing the natural beauty of the round semifreddo. 
Asti's fabulous cuisine will never fail to fascinate me, my taste buds, and my culinary imagination. 

Until Next Time Meal, 

The Confectionist

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