THE CONFECTIONIST: Chocolat, the Film

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chocolat, the Film

I recently watched the 2001 film, Chocolat. The plot was brilliant in exceeding my expectations. A mother and daughter, after moving from place to place, set up a chocolatier in a small French village. Since Vianne, opened her store during Lent, the townspeople resented her for tempting them with sinful chocolate. The village begins falling apart, as they deprive themselves of Vianne's fine delicacies. Only when one estranged woman enters the chocolate shop, do others begin satiating their lustful desires. 
This spectacular film romanticizes the art of chocolate making through scenes in a traditional-style kitchen, images of delectable treats, and passionate characters.  
If you haven't seen Chocolat, you must! Just be sure to have a chocolate(y) treat nearby; you will be craving it throughout the film. 

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