THE CONFECTIONIST: the glory of chocolate milk

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the glory of chocolate milk

I just applied for the NYC Marathon, 2011—let the training begin! Along with strengthening my legs at the gym and running outside, I've been trying to eat healthfully so that I have enough energy to keep up with my routine. You'll never guess what I've been gleefully indulging in after my usual run...CHOCOLATE MILK! When I first read about the benefits of drinking chocolate milk after a workout I couldn't believe it—probably because I remember only drinking this sultry and smooth chocolatey delight as a child on occasion. I thought to myself, if this is true I will never miss a day of exercising ever again. Gallons of research has been done on this work-out-recovery-drink and studies show that chocolate milk provides the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, sodium and fluid to restore your body. Not only does chocolate milk help my body in the physiological sense, but it makes me feel joyous, youthful and alive as it glides down my throat. I drink Organic Valley's Lowfat Chocolate Milk, which comes in a fabulous well-sized container with a straw (always a plus). Let's just say that now I have an even better incentive to keep running.

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