THE CONFECTIONIST: Pecans on Passover

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pecans on Passover

Passover is quite difficult for a foodie like me. Although there are plenty of flour-less cakes and approved chocolates for me to indulge in (and create), I decided to go a different route this year. I've been on a health-kick lately, so Passover for me includes an increase in fresh produce, protein, and nuts.
I believe that "there's always room for dessert," so no matter what diet you're on you can still satisfy your sweet-tooth. As the end of Passover approaches, I find nothing but some blackberries, eggs, and mushrooms in my refrigerator. Just when I got a craving for something sweet, I spotted a bag of pecans on my counter. I thought to myself, "Should I attempt to candy these pecans?" My inexperience with candying (anything) and somewhat klutzy behavior didn't hold me back.
To my relief, the pecans turned out to be a grand success without a complete mess-of-a-kitchen! This small confection provided a large burst of sweet serenity to my palette in a guilt-free manner. Ahh, I can just imagine how magnificent these pecans would taste with fresh vanilla ice-cream...


2 1/2 tspns granulated sugar

1/2 tspn cinnamon

around 15 pecans (halved)

Put sugar and cinnamon in a metal pot on the stove. Set on medium heat. Watch the sugar. As it begins to melt, mix the cinnamon, sugar quickly. Add the pecans, mix. The pecans should begin to form a ball. Immediately remove the pecan-ball and place it on a piece of foil. While it's still warm break up the pecans to individual pieces. Bon App├ętit!!

**You can add these pecans to a spring salad or vanilla ice cream for a pleasant surprise. You can also substitute pecans for your favorite nut (works best with hazelnuts & sliced almonds).

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